How morality is manifested in everyday life for children

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Baumeister, Frankl, Freud, Gilligan, Kohlberg, and Piaget are some of the most influential psychologists in the field of moral development. For this task, imagine that you could interview three of them by asking them three questions.

Begin by selecting the three individuals that you would like to interview.

Next, compose three critical questions in the field of moral development in childhood that you would like each to answer. You may ask the same questions of each, or compose different questions for different psychologists.

Be sure that your question relates in some way to issues such as those listed below:

The human being's nature and definition of morality

How morality is manifested in everyday life for children

How morality develops in childhood

The role of meaning and values in childhood

Then, develop a transcript of a mock interview with each of the three psychologist, allowing each approximately 100 words per answer.

Conclude the entire interview with a brief summary of the similarities and differences between the psychologists you "interviewed."

Support the psychologists' answers by using appropriate references, citing the sources of their answers. You may use textbooks, classical sources, or other scholarly sources. Each answer must be supported by at least one reference. The same reference may be used for different answers. (For example, you may find all of Freud's discussions on morality in the same source; cite that source for each of your answers from Freud).

Reference no: EM131332892

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