How might you plan strategically for its diffusion
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You are the marketing manager for a brand that has developed a discontinuous innovation. What issues should you consider as part of your plans for this product's adoption?

How might you plan strategically for its diffusion? (Note: You are marketing a discontinuous innovation. Be sure to plan for this specific type of innovation.

Do also be sure to distinguish between the processes of adoption and the processes of diffusion in your response.

One question is asking about adoption and the other about diffusion). How much it would be.


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Adoption of discontinuous innovation requires major change in behaviour. This is very crucial for both individual and team performance of business enterprise. Product tends to travels through a specific life cycle encompassed with four major stages such as introduction, growth, maturation and decline. Discontinuous innovation tends to reduce the disruption of product usage and decreases the consumer behaviour. It needs behavioural as well as technical change in terms of usage and consumption. For example: Introduction of induction stove in late 20th century for the replacement of ordinary gas stoves introduced in late 19th century.

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