How might you account for the given disparities

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Question: Predictive Analytics

Assignment 4 Objective: Prepare a managerial report, starting with an executive summary; expected length up to 4 pages APA format, excluding cover page, table of content, and appendixes.

1. Perform time series analysis on the total volume of real estate sales on your neighborhood. Develop a forecast for the next 8 quarters of sales.

2. Use a multiple regression model to come up with another forecast for the next 8 quarters of sales.

3. Use a multiple regression model to determine the sale of a given property in your neighborhood. According to your model, which properties were the biggest bargains and which were the most overpriced? How might you account for these disparities?

4. Write 3-4 pages summarizing your findings.

[Hint: your model may be more accurate if you discard data from prior to the housing market crash]

Reference no: EM132280327

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