How might reporting rates be increased

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Browse state-run Web sites to collect information about statistical estimates on family violence that is reported or that goes unreported.

Choose a specific area of family violence and hypothesize why there is such a variance between actual reported and unreported incidents.

Browse the Web to determine the state-mandated reporting requirements if treatment professionals learn about children in danger due to family violence in the home environment.

You may choose to address your home state or any other state within the U.S.- Georgia is my home state

Analyze the reporting requirements to verify if they are too lenient or too strict.

How might reporting rates be increased?

Write your initial response to each part in 3-4 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

In responding to your peers, compare and contrast the information for the state you picked to ones selected by your peers and provide insight into the reasons for the similarities and differences observed.

All states do not have the same expectations for reporting child abuse or neglect with regard to exposure to family violence. As you write your initial response, consider how your state views the impact of family violence on the welfare of the children. Make sure that you are accessing reliable data sources for your state. For example, Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this course.

Here are some statistics from a recent study about the exposure of children to violence. The full report of the study is available by following additional links on the website.

This link will take you to an example of a website that contains some of the information that you might consider for this assignment.

Reference no: EM131404717

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