How might dvrs media impacted selection for advertising

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how might DVRs media impacted selection for advertising?

how has social media impacted the promotion and advertising processes?

Describe which distribution strategy intensive, selective, or exclusive whould be most appropriate for each of the following products and explain why: laundry detergent, cigarettes, Mercedes sports cars, and snickers candy bars.

discuss the value create by marketing intermediaries. Is their service worth the extra costs? why or why not?


Reference no: EM13254739

Difference between an aggregate and a straight deductible

The basic parts of an insurance contract are often summarized with the acronym ______________________. Please briefly discuss four of the five parts of a standard insurance po

Collaborative learning community

Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) - Leading Teams at West Coast Transit. Finally, summarize management team's vision for the success of this team. Based on what you have

The foreman states that he spends twice

The foreman states that he spends twice as much time supervising A and half as much time supervising B,compared with the average time spent supervising his other subordinate

Enable the most communication between partners

what type of channel structure will enable the most communication between partners? Why? what type of channel structure will enable the richest ( most detailed, best informati

The reason given constitute national origin discrimination

A nursing home in Iowa, whose residents were all English-speakers and all over the age of 80, instituted a rule that required that all employees speak English while working si

Clearly address ethical issues that arise regarding policies

Your consulting services have been requested by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The CEO is concerned about the use of the internet at work and employs your consulting servic

Basic FOQ Model and Special Properties

Inventory Management 1 (Basic FOQ Model and Special Properties) A computer store's estimated 12-month demand for a certain mouse is 500 units. The cost of this item to the ret

Swot matrix for the college of management

Prepare a SWOT analysis and SWOT matrix for the College of management. Provide 2 (each) strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Then prepare two (each) S-O, W


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