How might business reduce its liability based on this tort

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Per the text, a tort is a violation of duty imposed by the civil law. Define one (1) of the torts from your reading (e.g., the tort of trespass, invasion of privacy, assault, battery, etc.). Explain the effect(s) that this tort might have on a business. How would a business protect itself against this type of tort? Further, how might the business reduce its liability based on this tort?

Reference no: EM13820351

Should each location develop own acceptable level of risk

OSHA evaluates residual risk during the rulemaking process and uses what they define as an acceptable risk level in developing a standard. Discuss to what extent you believe

Determine the range of annual volume

A firm plans to begin production of a new small appliance. The manager must decide whether to purchase the motors for the appliance from a vendor at $10 each or to produce the

About the Cost of lost sale

Henry has a newspaper stand where he sells them for $0.50 each. The papers cost him $0.30 each, giving him a $0.20 profit on each one he sells. From past experiences, he knows

Calculate the safety stock quantities

Calculate the safety stock quantities and the inventory cost associated with safety stock (based on the item unit cost) for the inventory items at four different service lev

New software system implementation

John has just been assigned as the Project Manager for a new software system implementation. In his past projects he has learned a lot about the human factors aspect of runnin

The global nature of human resources

As you read through the chapters in your text and the documents in this module, think about your organization's involvement in the global economy. Does your organization have

Buyer informs the seller of the parameters of performance

The buyer of a product requests information from the seller to know that the product is properly suited for the buyer's intended use. The buyer informs the seller of the param

Attributed to traditional control system

The problems of many firms may be attributed to a "traditional" control system that failed to continuously monitor the environment and make necessary changes in their strategy


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