How might a utilitarian respond to the criticism

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How might a utilitarian respond to the criticism that utilitarianism cannot make an account of justice, where justice is understood as giving to each person his or her due and treating people equitably?

Reference no: EM132234611

Planning and budgeting processes

Planning and budgeting processes are notorious for their rigidity and irrelevance to management action." How can planning be made relevant to the challenges facing a busines

Did world bank and other international donor act responsible

Did the World Bank and other international donors act responsibly and ethically in constraining their humanitarian assistance? Who has the responsibility for the health care

Self-generated discussion prompt

Make an initial post that poses a question based on this week's readings (i.e. a self-generated discussion prompt). Presents some facts about the readings  as a reflection a

Mike mitchell left the bank of montreal

Mike Mitchell left the Bank of Montreal to become Vice President of Human Resources at the North American branch of the Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) in the autumn of 1986.  It

Explain brand images have on consumer behaviour

A brand image is one way a firm can distinguish its good or service. But numerous questions are now being raised about the effect brand images have on consumer behaviour.

Assignment-cloud solutions

Cloud-based computing allows businesses to store and access large amounts of data over the Internet rather than on in-house computer hard drives. There are several cloud-bas

Globalization trends-technological advances

Based on globalization trends, technological advances, and economic policy, what are some of the key avenues for growth we might see in metal distribution in the next five y

Explain initiatives aimed at improving healthcare

over the past 20 years there have been several initiatives aimed at improving healthcare in rural America. What are these initiatives? Describe their impacts to date. Is rur


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