How mass-mediated stereotypes may affect communication

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Select a culture to research throughout the semester.

This first paper will analyze what you find out about the culture 1) from depictions of the cultural group in U.S. media and 2) from academic journals or scholarly references explaining the communication/values of the cultural group.

Write 1,000-1,250 words in response to the following:

Compare and contrast the concepts of stereotyping and ethnocentrism.

Find two concrete examples that show how the cultural group you are studying is stereotypically represented by local and/or national media in the U.S. (This could include Comic Strips, Newspaper Articles, Advertisements, TV Shows, etc.).

Compare and contrast these media stereotypes with research about the culture communication value orientations (pick two value dimensions from the list provided below, describe the value dimension, explain what research findings say about your culture in relation to these values, and give illustrations of how this is expressed in their communication).

High vs. low-context
High vs. low power-distance
Individualism vs. collectivism
High vs. low uncertainty avoidance
Polychronic vs. monochronic
Femininity vs. masculinity
Long-term vs. short-term
Indulgence vs. restraint

Using academic sources, explain how mass-mediated stereotypes may affect communication between you and a member of this cultural group.

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The concept of the 'stereotype' was borrowed from old raised printing technology, where copies of a composed type were made by using papier mache as molds for new printing plates, identical to the original. The term stereotype, as allegedly used for the first time by Walter Lippman in 1922, is used today to mean a readily available image of a given social group, usually based on rough, often negative generalizations. Although stereotypes can be positive as well as negative, they are, in everyday usage, most often understood as irrationally based negative attitudes about certain social groups and their members. Stereotypes are called idiosyncratic, if only an individual uses them, or they are social, or collective if they are widely shared by a group of people. This paper is written in Microsoft Word Document File.

Reference no: EM132184892

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