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Choose Any organization In North Carolina

Each successful student will volunteer in a local human services agency for a minimum of 12 clock hours. The student should gather the following:

Name of agency, location, telephone number, and the dates you conducted the interview. What duties did you perform during your time at the agency, services provided, population served, source of funding/fees, is it public/private not-for-profit/for-profit.

What is the mission and purpose of your agency?

How was your agency started? What services does your agency provide?

Describe the formal structure of your agency? (Draw an organization chart that displays the organizational structure/chain of command to include names and job titles).

What kinds of clients are served by the agency include age range, gender, ethnic background, and needs of the clients?

How many workers are employed in your agency? What are the hours of operation?

Is there a training program available for the new workers?

How are decisions about the structure and function of the agency made?

Explain which human service professionals are employed with this agency.

What additional services might the agency provide? How are services to the client terminated?

What are the governmental policies that influence the agency operation?

I need the paper based on the organizatino you chose above

Prepare a 3-5 page paper, double-spaced with a cover page. Your paper must be written in APA format and include an introduction (explain purpose of paper and what you will be discussing in the paper. Paper must have a thesis statement or main idea-usually placed in the final sentence of the introductory paragraph. Include the information gathered and reflected in #2 shown above.

Include your experience as a volunteer (duties and learning experience). Include an analysis of the organization (strengths and needs); and conclusion (summarize most important elements of your paper). Include a reference page (this is a separate page and list the references you used in writing the paper and the paper must include a minimum of three required references). The references should be within the last five years; for example, 2011-2016. The paper should consist of one (1) inch margins and 12-inch font, title page, abstract page, body of the paper with clear headings and/or subheadings, and a reference page, and charts nor graphics count towards this 3 page minimum.

Reference no: EM131296997

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