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HiTech Metal Company is developing a plan for buying scraap metal for its operations. HiTech receives scraapmetal from two sources, Hasbeen Industries, and Gentro Scraap, in daily shipments using large trucks. Each truckload of scraap from Hasbeen yields 1.5 tons of zinc and 1 ton of lead at a cost of $10K. Each truckload of scraap from Gentro yields 1 ton of zinc and 30 tons of lead at a cost of $15K. Hi tech requires at least 6 tons of zinc and at least 100 tons of lead per day. How many truckloads of scraap should be purchased per day from each source in order to minimize scraap metal costs to HITech? A. Formulate an LP model for this problem. B. Solve it

Reference no: EM131275587

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