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You need to ship two GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound Systems from Wesley Hills, NY, USA to Bristol, UK for use in a new hospital (Southmead Hospital Bristol, NHS Trust) being built there. Purpose a request for quotation (RFQ) for the shipment of the machines. The machines will operate on either 110 or 240 V. Shipping parameters for each machine are: weight 175 Kg; height: 1.6 meters; width: 0.75 meters; depth: 1.1 meters. Ownership of the units will transfer to the receiver when the machines are shipped from the warehouse in Wesley Hills. The value of each machine is €98,000.

In addition to preparing the RFQ, create a separate document with answers to the subsequent questions:

From how many transport companies will you request a quotation?

What will be the next step after you receive the requested quotation(s)?

Referencing Style : Harvard Referencing System

Reference no: EM135379

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