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A hospital only provides care to hernia patients. Each patient spends 4 nights at the hospital. This includes preparation of the patient before the hernia surgery and recovery after the hernia surgery. As a new initiative, The hospital tries to adopt less invasive procedures to reduce a patient’s length of stay at the hospital. Suppose the hospital invests in new technology and reduces the hospital stay per patient to 3 nights. The hospital has 120 rooms and one bed in each room. Surgeries are performed 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday. The number of surgeries performed per day is the same for each day of the week.

How many surgeries must be performed on average per day for the daily bed utilization to be at least 80%?


60 surgeries are scheduled per day 7 days a week. Each surgeon works 5 days a week and performs at most 4 surgeries a day. How many surgeons are needed on average for the weekly average surgeon utilization to be below 80%?

Reference no: EM131031303

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