How many pulses per minute are being applied per minute

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A pacemaker is programmed to deliver pulses a certain times every minute for a patient with heart block. A 0.5µF capacitor controls the pulse discharges through a 2M? resistor. One pulse is delivered every time the fully charged capacitor loses 50% of its original charge. How many pulses per minute are being applied per minute?

Reference no: EM13226541

Write declaration for function named validateeyecolor

A function must be defined or declared above the locations in the source code file from where it is called. We declare a function by writing a function declaration (which is

What is the possible range of inputs for subtraction

Use a 74LS283N Adder chip and a 74LS86N XOR chip. Simulate the circuit in Multisim and test enough input combinations that you are sure the circuit is working properly. Make

What potential difference exist between two rectangular face

A large brass washer has a 2-cm inside diameter, a 5-cm outside diameter, and is 0.5 cm thick. Its conductivity is s = 1.5 × 107 S/m. The washer is cut in half along a diame

Design a dc power supply with an ouput voltage

design a DC power supply with an ouput voltage of 12 v from an Ac source of120 v rms and 60 HZ. the rms ripple voltage should be limited to10% of the DC output. use a load r

What assumptions are made in this test

Can we say, at the 1% significance level, that the modified version of the printer has a smaller MTBF? What assumptions are made in this test? Do you think the assumptions a

Design a resonance circuit with given specifications

design a resonance circuit with following specifications: L = 10 mH, RL = 4W, Imax = 200 mA, fs = 10kHz, Q = 20. That is, determine the required R, C, and supply Voltage E. Fo

Find the inductive and capacitive reactance at resonance

in a RLC series circuit R=500Ω L=0.4mH and C=100pF the circuit is connected to the terminals of an ac source with an rms voltage of 1V, and a variable frequency calculate th

What must be done with two wires to make flow path complete

What, exactly, is necessary to establish electrical continuity between two wires. If want to have an electric current flow out of one wire and into another, what must be don


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