How many people are using prescription opiates now

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Report Format : Opiates HE366 Study of Alcohol and Drugs

Type up a report for opiates, including information about pharmacology, history, current status of use and/or treatment. Include your resources, list your sources of information.

Make sure to include all the information outlined below for opiates.

Pharmacology: (see pharmacology sheet).
Method of Administration
Physiological Effect; Psychological Effect
Physiological Effect; Psychological Effects
OVERDOSE / Toxic Effects
WITHDRAWAL Syndrome/ Detox considerations

History of Use: Explain the history of American opium use. Include information on : Patent Medicines, over the counter morphine, heroic heroin, smoking heroin in the 1980's. Also, what happened with Vietnam War veterans returning home after using/abusing heroin in Vietnam. Explain PDMP: Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.

Current Status in the US Explained- focus on prescription opiates

How many people are using prescription opiates now? How does this relate to the current rise in heroin use? Heroin use in the US has been tracked for decades and is easy to find use patterns, now find the incidence rate for prescription opiate use in the US (hint- find how many people are requesting treatment for prescription opiate abuse) What are the commonly abused Rx opiates?

National Institute of Drug Abuse: NIDA=
Look for "infofacts" on each drug for basic information and patterns of use
Office of Applied Studies, Substance Abuse and Mental Health:

Look for National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) and Drug abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reports to find current use patterns, treatment statistics for most drugs.

If available, include information (briefly) about the impact on society.

NIDA, Dr. Nora Volkow, Presentation to Congress:
CDC, Injury Prevention and Control: Prescription Drug Overdose:

Resources: Make sure to list your sources of information in your report.

Reference no: EM131057229

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