How many mugs should we be ordered to minimize total cost

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The demand for an organic item in a Whole foods Market store is constant, at 10 units a week. The fixed order cost is $4.50 with no lead time. The holding cost equals to 15% of inventory value annually. The item cost $1.50 each and sell for 5.00

A) How many mugs should we be ordered to minimize the total cost?

B) What is the total cost?

Reference no: EM131275612

The cornerstone of all discount operations

_______ is the cornerstone of all discount operations. For an instrument to be negotiable, the instrument must indicate that it was created for the purpose of being ________.

Federal deposit insurance corporation issues rules

Congress enacts a statute, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (an administrative agency) issues rules, the Southeast Financial Institutions Association (a private organ

What could be logistics-distribution channel strategy

What could be the logistics, distribution channel and intermediary strategy for a fast food restaurant planning to open a restuarant in Europe? The criteria would be that they

Explain what compensation can communicate

How a company pays its employees speaks volumes about what’s important to the company and how it values its human resources. Using resources from this class and your own exper

Armentrout broadened his product line and offering coffee

Armentrout broadened his product line, offering coffee, soft drinks, and breakfast items such as muffins and bagels He had become t friendly with a number of customers who o

Restaurants with a score point

The New York City Health Department rates restaurants as follows: Public health hazards are 7 points, critical violations are 5 points, and general violations are 2 points. If

Discuss the major security threats to this web site

Suppose your business had an e-commerce Web site where it sold goods and accepted credit card payments. Discuss the major security threats to this Web site and their potential

Find route to maximize utility

In the past few years, the traffic problems in Lynn McKell's hometown have gotten worse. Now, Broad Street is congested about half the time. The normal travel time to work for


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