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A reaction that has ?G of +11.4 kcal/mol would not occur spontaneously, but could occur spontaneously when coupled to they hydrolysis of ATP. If the hydrolysis of one molecule of ATP to ADP + Pi has ?G of -7.3 kcal/mol, hydrolysis of how many molecules of ATP would need to be coupled to this reaction for it to occur spontaneously?

Reference no: EM132280058

Responsible for the current extinction event

What single factor is most likely responsible for the current extinction event, and how does it differ from the causes of the five previous mass extinctions? How might these

Write down the cross showing the genotypes for p. f1, f2

In Drosophila, allelic series of gene w+ determine the color of an eye. w+ determines red color (wild type), we determines eosin color and wa - apricot color. The allelic re

Caught in the food web- complexity made simple

Caught in the food web: complexity made simple-Write a three to five page paper which describes the Pomeroy article and search for more recent findings on the topic (e.g., re

Sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

A purified, active preparation of carbonic anhydrase was submitted to native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis at alkaline pH. Three major bands were observed after staining

Accessory pigments and chlorophylls

Accessory pigments and chlorophylls work together within the thylakoid membrane in clusters called __________ . They harvest light energy and use it to transfer electrons to

Will the trna be charged with a different amino acid

If you mutate the anticodon sequence on a tRNA molecule, but not the other nucleotides, how will this affect translation? Will the tRNA be "charged" with a different amino a

Identify three different post-translational modifications

Post-translational modifications of proteins play crucial regulatory functions. Identify three different post-translational modifications and describe two different techniqu

Describe the development of the nervous system

At the sound of shattering glass, people quickly turn their heads. Discuss how the human nervous system functions to produce this type of response to an external stimulus.


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