How many kanban card sets are needed

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Transmissions are delivered to the fabrication line five at a time. It takes two hours for transmissions to be delivered. Approximately five vehicles are produced each hour, and management has decided that 20 percent of expected demand should be maintained as safety stock. How many kanban card sets are needed?

Reference no: EM13224605

Entrepreneurship with working in corporate environment

Compare and contrast entrepreneurship with working in a corporate environment as a department head. What are some responsibilities, rewards, and risks associated with each rol

What makes conflict intractable and what paradigms exist

What makes conflict intractable and what paradigms exist to help move past impasse towards more constructive resolution? Provide an example of global conflict and briefly anal

Moral intuitions necessity for all ethical theories

How does using analogies help to support or defend an argument? Why are moral intuitions a necessity for all ethical theories? How does coherence balance our moral intuitions

Describe how you will need to collaborate with it staff

Write an introduction explaining the purpose and use of a Request for Proposal and relate it specifically to choosing an EHR software vendor in a healthcare facility. Create

A description of the therapy or technique

A description of the therapy or technique of your choosing and why it is considered effective for stress management. A brief discussion on the history of the therapy or techni

Still uncertain about the extent of the opportunity

You think, intuitively, that there is an opportunity to open an ice-cream shop in your town. What type of research would you conduct to help determine if this opportunity exis

Employees regarding alternative work arrangements

How can employees benefit from alternative work arrangements?  Why? What are some of the possible negative outcomes for employers and/or employees regarding alternative work a

Feasibility and business plans

The SBA lists several questions that a lender may ask about a new small business. Pick one or more of these questions and, in your discussion for this week, link it to the F


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