How many flushes does it take to fill the septic tank

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Toilet from the 1980's uses 10 liters of water per flush (10 Lpf), which was conservative in its day. The toilet is connected to a 1,250-gallon septic tank (effective capacity, measured to the bottom of the outlet).

(a) How many flushes does it take to fill the septic tank?

Reference no: EM131012298

Determine what is the internal tensile stress with beam

If a concrete beam with a f'c=4000psi experiences a drop in temperature of 30 Degrees F, What is the internal tensile stress. Will the concrete crack. What could i do to pre

Determine the consolidation settlement of clay by dividing

The coefficient of volume compressibility is 4x10-4 m2/kN at the ground surface and the reduction in the coefficient of volume compressibility with depth equals depth*0.1*10

Determine the largest distance x that the stream can reach

A nozzle discharges a stream of water with an initial velocity v0 of 50 ft/s into the end of a horizontal pipe of inside diameter d=5ft. determine the largest distance x tha

Compute the speed of the sandbags just as it hits the ground

During a hot air balloon race one specific balloon, initially at rest, accelerate vertically upward at a constant rate of a=4.5 ft/s^2 when t0=42 s from the ground the surfa

Determine remaining load carrying capacity of cracked beam

a reinforced concrete beam with a section of 12 inches width and 24 inches depth is reinforced with 3no. 9 bars. fc'=5000psi and fy=60000psi. a 2 inch cover is used and the

Estimate low-dose cancer risk from occupational inhalation

this concentration is based on an assumption that the individual is generally healthy and is exposed for 8 hours per day over a working lifetime ( that is from age 18 to 65

Determine if equation of continuity is satisfied by sketch

Consider the plane polar coordinate velocity distribution V_r=C/r, V_0=K/r, V_z=0, where C and K are constants (a) determine if the equation of continuity is satisfied (b) b

Determine the value of the kinetic constant for the rate

How big ( gallon capacity) must the tank be ( minimumum size) if we use a design value of 15 mg/l BOD in the effluen ad the unit is treating 25 MGD of wastewater? the influent


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