How many bonds would don have to sell at par value

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Dirty Don's Bicycle Shop is current financed with 100% equity. The firm currently has 100,000 shares of common stock outstanding, selling for $50 per share. Don is considering a capital restructuring project, where the firm would be financed with 45% debt and 55% equity. How many bonds would Don have to sell at par value? (Remember that par value of a bond is $1,000).

Reference no: EM132185256

Find what is the company breakeven point

A company's fixed operating costs are $480,000, its variable costs are $3.85 per unit, and the product's sales price is $4.30. What is the company's breakeven point; that is

The analyst used the overall beta to value

The risk-free rate is 2% and the implied equity premium is 6 %. Your firm's overall bottom-up unlevered beta is 1.2. When examining the latest valuations for a potential inves

What is the market price

Wine and Roses, Inc. offers a 7% coupon bond with semiannual payments and a yield to maturity of 7.73%. The bonds mature in 9 years. What is the market price of a $1,000 fac

What can we expect from income tax as a source of government

What can we expect from the income tax as a source of government revenue in the future and why? The capital gains tax as a percentage of total revenue collected and whether

Determining the weighted average cost of capital

Using free cash ?ow computed in Question 1 and the weighted average cost of capital computed in Question 2, estimate BrandCo's enterprise value using the growing-perpetuity

Scenario make synthetically created option more expensive

Consider the following two scenarios: - Stock price increases steadily from $20 to $35 during the life of the option;- Stock price oscillates wildly, ending up at $35. - Which

Description of dividend payout

A company is evaluating its dividend policy. Selected data for the company are shown below. What are the company's options for raising the money needed for the capital budget?

Calculate the accumulated depreciation

A bulldozer purchased by Miner Corporation is expected to last 7 years. The purchase price was $23,800. Shipping costs were $266 and initial setup charges were $393. The tra


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