How long will take the water in the aquifer to travel 100ft

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A truck spils 1 gallon of benzene into an aquifer with an area= 50ft^2 Benzene has a solubility of 1750 ppm, and a specific gravity of 0.873. The aquifer ahs a porosity of 0.25, a hydraulic gradient of 0.004 and a hydraulic conductivity of 1000 gpd/ft2.

a. what is the discharge through the aquifer in gpd?

b. How long will it take the water in the aquifer to travel 100 ft?

c. How long will it take to remove 99% of the benzene from the aquifer? Assume that the volume of aquifer affected is 500 ft^2

Reference no: EM13314349

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Assume the rate constant for BOD decay is 0.2 d^-1, the mean velocity of the stream is 0.5 m s^-1, and the initial concentration is 100 mg L^-1 at x=0. Plot the resulting co

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The heated water outflow from a nuclear power plant is cooled in a 50-m wide rectangular channel that has a discharge Q = 225.0 m^3/s. The Manning's n is 0.015 and the bed slo


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