How long will it take before all pcm changes to liquid state

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An instrumentation transmitter pod is a box containing electronic circuitry and a power supply for sending sensor signals to a base receiver for recording. Such a pod is placed on a conveyor system, which passes through a large vacuum brazing furnace as shown in the sketch. The exposed surfaces of the pod have a special diffuse, opaque coating with spectral emissivity as shown in Fig. P18.28.


To stabilize the temperature of the pod and prevent overheating of the electronics, the inner surface of the pod is surrounded by a layer of a phase-change material (PCM) having a fusion temperature of 87°C and a heat of fusion of 25 kJ/kg. The pod has an exposed surface area of 0.040 m2 and the mass of the PCM is 1.6 kg. Furthermore, it is known that the power dissipated by the electronics is 50 W. If the pod enters the furnace at a uniform temperature of 87°C when all the PCM is in the solid state, how long will it take before all the PCM changes to the liquid state?

Reference no: EM131243520

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