How long does it take for the counter to wrap around

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To make the initial sequence number a random number, most systems start the counter at 1 during bootstrap and increment the counter by 64,000 every half second. How long does it take for the counter to wrap around?

Reference no: EM131307475

Suppose a transmission channel

Suppose a transmission channel operates at 3 Mbps and that it has a bit error rate of 10-3.Bit errors occur at random and independent of each other.Suppose that the followin

What is not a problem associated with poor data management

What is not a problem associated with poor data management? a. essential data missing from the database b. inability to locate data c. system down time d. inconsistencies in

How many solutions are possible for this type of system

Carrie has 150 meters of fencing material to make a pen for her bird dog. She wants to form a rectangular pen with an area of 800 square meters. What will be the dimensions

How many rtts does it take to send the file

If the time to send the file is given by the number of required RTTs multiplied by the link latency, what is the effective throughput for the transfer? What percentage of th

Find arguments for both views using self-learning networks

Do you think that systems of small numbers neurons (such as primitive animals) are strongly influenced by their instincts and inborn qualities and more complex systems of ma

Determine many blocks of main memory in direct-mapped cache

Asumme that computer using direct-mapped cache has 2^24 words of main memory and cache of 64 blocks, where each cache block contains 16 words. How many blocks of main memory

Threads main view

Explain one reason why you might experience long response times in getting a web page from a server in your own city? How would you check the Internet connection speed from

How much should she pay if the money is worth 5%

Jennifer owes $600 due in 9 months and $1,500 plus 6% interest due in 3 months. She wants to pay off both debts in a single payment in 11 months. How much should she pay if


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