How long a time does it take for the water depth to reduce

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A long water trough of triangular cross section is formed from two planks as shown in figure. A gap of 0.1 in . remains at the junction of the two planks . If the water depth initially was 2 ft, how long a time does it take for the water depth to reduce to 1 ft ?

Reference no: EM131244763

Derive the equations for the dynamic model for the motor

The resistance of the coil is 0.2 ohm. The inductance of the coil is 1.2e-4 H. The rotor inertia is 1.0e-5 kg m2. The current to torque gain is 0.03 Nm/A. The friction torque

Saturated water vapor is contained in a piston cylinder

8 kg of saturated water vapor is contained in a piston cylinder assembly at 15 bar. It is slowly cooled at constant pressure until it becomes all saturated liquid water. A) De

Compressor is employed to compress gas

A compressor is employed to compress gas flowing steadily through it. The gas enters the compressor at a temperature of 16°C, a pressure of 100 kPa, and with an enthalpy of 3

Meteorologist is studying hurricanes and tornadoes

A meteorologist is studying hurricanes and tornadoes. She determines that a particular historic tornado can be described by phi7. At a distance 1 km from the eye of the tornad

Steam power plant operates on the ideal reheat rankine cycle

A steam power plant operates on the ideal reheat Rankine cycle. Steam enters the high pressure turbine at 6 MPa and 4000C and leaves at 2 MPa. Steam is then reheated at consta

Couette flow velocity distribution

Couette Flow Velocity Distribution, Using the log law, determine the velocity distribution for Couette flow between parallel plates a distance h apart, with U = the velocity

Determine the temperature of state

Air initially at 290 K, 1 bar undergoes the following processes: polytropic compression to 5 bar with n = 1.19 and isentropic expansion to 1 bar. Sketch the processes on a T-s

Relation between pressure and volume

A closed system consisting of 2 lb of a gas undergoes a process during which the relation between pressure and volume PVn = constant, the process begins with P1= 20 lbf/in.2


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