How is this activity typically taught to new participants

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Steps to Completion:

(Note: This research will become the basis of an on ground presentation to the group participating in this activity. In other words, you will be the expert and you will share this knowledge with the group. Therefore, as you are completing your research, it is suggested you save samples, checklists, diagrams, etc. related to the activity to share in your presentation)

1) Research your given recreational activity. Key areas to consider include but are not limited to:

a. History of the Activity

b. Market Analysis for this activity (size, number of participants, influence/impact on recreation industry, financial impact, site/business creation, etc.)

c. Participant Analysis for this activity (what are the demographics and psychographics of the those who participate in this activity, is this a lifelong activity or more related to life stages? Age/income/education dependent activity? etc.)

d. How is this activity trending in terms of recreational market-share (is it growing? Declining? Changing?)

e. Is this activity part of a larger activity type (i.e. White water rafting is a sub-segment of the boating market)? If so, what portion does this activity occupy as a sub-segment?

f. What equipment is needed to full participate in this activity? Is it readily available to the common consumer? If not, how is this equipment accessed for use?

g. How is this activity typically taught to new participants?

h. What are the risks encountered when participating in this activity?

i. How should one prepare themselves to address the inherent risks in this activity (knowledge of activity, experience levels required, specialized training required, should the activity be guided, safety equipment needed, etc.)

j. How should the group physically and mentally prepare to participate in the activity (stretching, strength training, knowledge of the route, understanding weather for the day, water conditions, trail conditions, safety tactics, etc.)

k. What planning is required to best prepare for safe immersion in the activity?

l. What impact does the activity have on the environment? How does a participant or guiding company reduce this impact?

m. What are the benefits (physically, mentally, spiritually) of participating in the activity?

2) Prepare a report detailing the research compiled on the activity. This report should follow typical report format (cover page, page numbers, APA format, etc.). Be sure to properly cite all sources used in the preparation of this report. As you will use this information for an on-ground presentation, it is suggested you include photos, check-lists, guide lines, activities to prepare for participation as appendices in addition to your written narrative.

Assignment Evaluation:

This report will be evaluated on the depth and quality the research presented, breadth and number of topics covered, quality of the writing, report format and grammar. Additional consideration will be given for appendices.

Assignment Support:

Should you have questions about this assignment, please feel free to contact myself or the embedded librarian assigned to this course.

Reference no: EM131095707

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