How is the unemployment rate determined

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Let's begin our discussions by answering the following questions using the site at , Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with your text to determine: How is the unemployment rate determined? What are other indices (Indexes) used in economics and how are they determined? What is inflation?

Please answer with original work and citation. Thanks

Reference no: EM131218593

A senior analyst working for ameritrade has reviewed purchas

A senior analyst working for Ameritrade has reviewed purchases his customers have made over the last six months. He has categorized the mutual funds purchased into eight categ

Organizational structure to decentralize decision-making

The CEO's main objectives in the reorganization are to decentralize decision making to physicians and other clinicians, to pave the way for more effective information system

Type of research design - exploratory

The goal of this research is to discover the real nature of the problem and to suggest new possible solutions or new ideas and a food manufacturer wants to know the demographi

Determining the profession ethical standards

1. What actions did the person take? 2. Were those actions within the profession's ethical standards? 3. What actions could the person have taken to remain within the professi

Summarize the regional or global events during the cold war

Define presidential doctrine and summarize the regional or global events during the Cold War leading up to the formation of the presidential doctrine you wrote about in Assi

Question about small business

Question about small business - Include a discussion regarding what information each report contains and how they might use that information to manage his business.

National culture and heterogeneous nation

National Culture, Heterogeneous Nation, and Perceptual Gap - Hofestede's research indicates that national cultures exist. Do you believe that in a heterogeneous nation, such

Explain the company brand value

Use the Geerts/Veg-Sala framework (see tables 1 thru 6) to analyze and explain the company's brand value, traditional communication, and internet communication to show how e


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