How is the experience of past immigrant groups
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Please read the article, "U.S. Immigration Debate Is a Road Well Traveled," please respond to the following questions using information/support from course readings and lectures.

(a) Summarize the content of the article. How does the reaction to past migrant groups compare with the reaction to contemporary groups? How is the experience of past immigrant groups similar to contemporary groups?

(b) Describe the economic benefits of migration for both receiving societies and sending societies. Consider why immigration is desired by receiving countries and why it might be perceived as a threat by natives of a receiving country? (IMPORTANT: If you simply restate unsubstantiated and generalized claims without evidence, it will not be evaluated favorably. Support claims with evidence.)

(c) How does race/ethnicity play a central role in defining power relationships in American immigration history? Might this relationship (race/power) be changing? If so how? If not, why not?

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