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1. Inventory comments: costing information. What do you see? WIP?

2. Inventory: How is inventory described for your SEC 10-K company? LIFO, FIFO, and / or average cost? Relate your answer to topics in our course.

3. Cost and sources for production materials: notice how cost is used in the SEC 10-K

4. Challenges and opportunities you see as you relate our current textbook topics to your company. Details are high level in the SEC 10-K but organizations rely on Cost Accounting.

Reference no: EM131077340

Recommend a strategy for a ceo to implement

Recommend a strategy for a CEO to implement, leading to an ethical environment that leads to high-quality accounting, reporting, and forecasting. Provide support for your re

Prepare the entry for the exchange

Equipment that cost $80,000 and has accumulated depreciation of $63,000 is exchanged for similar equipment with a fair value of $35,000 and $15,000 cash is received. The exc

What is the auditor''s responsibility

What is the auditor's responsibility if, in using the Codification, the auditor believes that an item in the financial statements should be accounted for differently under t

Purpose trust fund that supplies books for children

Record the following journal entries in the Children Book Fund a city Private Purpose Trust Fund that supplies books for children in privately owned battered women shelters.

Explain accounts receivable turnover

Selected balances from a company's financial statements are shown below. Calculate the following (a) accounts receivable turnover (b) inventory turnover (c) days' sales uncoll

Current performance appraisal process

1) As the HR manager, critically evaluate the current performance appraisal process at the Financial Security Investment including Brook's manager's behavior and decision ma

Operation of the partnership prevail

aesar and Junius orally agreed to become partners in a food testing business. one-half of $80,000, the reasonable value of Caesar’s services during the operation of the partn

Own method of evaluating performance and capability

The majority of ratios and other metrics are used by companies of all sizes. And you are correct, each user has their own method of evaluating performance and capability


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