How is high unemployment relevant to civil conflict

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Question 1. _____ is a small or moderate change that essentially leaves the system intact.
Mass discontent
Dramatic system change
A coup d'etat

Question 2. What is the relationship between a high sense of government legitimacy among the people and police officers when legitimacy is high?
Spending on policing is low.
There are fewer police interfering in civilian life.
Fewer police are needed.
The police must use a particularly heavy hand.

Question 3. How is high unemployment relevant to civil conflict?
Unemployed young men incline naturally to unrest.
The unemployed tend to be passive, keeping civil conflict at bay.
Unemployed mothers, desperate for their children, tend to take to the streets.
The unemployed tend to be uninformed about politics, and therefore rarely take part in civil conflict.

Question 4. What about U.S. agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA make them so ill-prepared to fight terrorism?
They have extremely different missions when it comes to terrorism.
They are poorly funded.
They have a great deal of red tape to get through in order to be able to communicate.
They are often unwilling to communicate with each other.

Question 5. Which of the following options best describes countries before and after revolutions?
Before, revolutionary movements are still idealistic and convinced they will bring a better society; after seizing power, the revolutionary regime discovers it's not difficult to make an economy work.
Before, revolutionary movements are still idealistic and convinced they will bring a better society; after seizing power, the revolutionary regime discovers it's a lot harder to make an economy work than it thought.
Before, revolutionary movements believe that a truly committed regime can redo society; after seizing power, the revolutionary regime discovers its ideological ideals are impractical.
Before, revolutionary movements bomb and assassinate in an effort to overthrow corrupt governments; after seizing power, the revolutionary regime almost always finds itself being bombed and in the sights of assassins.

Question 6. In theory, what is the role of foreign powers in relation to sovereign states?
Foreign nations maintain satellite rule.
Foreign powers "keep their fingers" in the sovereign's politics.
Foreign states have no business intruding on sovereign affairs.
Foreign powers provide financial aid in times of crisis.

Question 7. Most countries participate in _____, a largely capitalistic competition where goods, money, and ideas flow easily to wherever there are customers.
the world market
free-trade agreements
nontariff barriers
plurilateral agreements

Question 8. A big war with a definitive outcome often brings peace because _____.
relative power is clearly seen
power struggles are safely obscured
weaker powers are rendered impotent
larger powers rest satisfied

Question 9. Identify one major flaw in the current organization of the United Nations.
Larger nations maintain greater influence over world financial issues.
The organization receives support from the International Monetary Fund with no real way to repay those funds.
The U.N. has too much power and thus maintains strict authority over international security matters.
Permanent members of the Security Council maintain the right to veto anything they dislike.

Question 10. Evaluate the changing role of sovereignty in today's international relations.
International relations have reinforced the notion of sovereignty.
Sovereignty is dwindling in the face of international law.
Weaker nations are losing sovereignty to larger, more powerful ones.
United States sovereignty has weakened due to the threat of terrorism.

Reference no: EM131401453

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