How insightful is the experimental analysis with the planner

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Coursm,ork Description: The coursework is about the use of the existing planners for solving a domain and a number of instances of your choice.

This requires:

1) coming up with an intere sting planning domain and instance s,
2) modelling the domain and the instances in PDDL,
3) using a planner for solving them, analysing the results;
4) witting a report about the work done.

The report canbe up to 4 pages long. You can add an appendix if you need more space for including PDDL code or the plans. Note that the evaluation will be focused on the first 4 pages. The Appendix will be considered onlyif something in the report is not sufficientlyclear.
The evaluation will take into account: how rich is the domain (e.g., a domain that involves just one tyre of action for moving from one place to another is not interesting), how appropriate is the PDDL encoding, and how insightful is the experimental analysis with the planner (how easily the planner solves the instances, how well the planner scales up as the instances are made larger or more complex, how well the results are reported: times, qualityof solutions, etc).

You can take inspiration from existing domains encoded in PDDL, available on the Web, but in this case you have to clearly slate how you modified and extended the domain.

Reference no: EM13317267

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