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Assignment - Group Presentation

It can be argued that in the current business climate the effectiveness of an organization is largely determined by the operational supply side.

Organizations can make substantial investments in their supply network and information technology to run their supply networks.

Within this Part 1 of the assessed assignment you are required to develop a group presentation representing 20% of the overall mark reviewing modern trends in supply network operational management and information technologies for managing networks and their distribution channels.

Please, also identify the benefits of the respective equipment and information technology you focus on. Identify any company of your choice as an example to apply your findings but not including DHL or DHL in China.

Students are required to form a group (4 - 5 students) and your group will make an assessed 20 minutes presentation, where each member presents, with PowerPoint in teaching weeks 11or 12. Primary Research is not required.

Also regular group meeting minutes should be produced and included in a hard copy submission produced during the course of the assignment with a hard copy of your presentation sides.


Part - Individual Report

A Report submission representing 80% of the marks carrying out the following task:

Introduction to the task:

DHL is recognized as the world's leader in Logistics and Distribution where it specializes in inter-modal solutions worldwide via an extensive global network.

DHL provides these sophisticated inter-modal solutions to meet customers' specific needs to ensure quality control, logistics, shipping and other important functions. DHL's spectrum of services covers the entire supply chain end-to-end.

Please research DHL or DHL in China in relation to the task below.


In the light of a brief company overview please answer the following four questions in connection to the industries in which DHL or DHL in China operates with a particular focus on Supply Network Management aspects required for the manufacturing and distributing of products (equal number of words per section).


Introduction and Conclusion

Question 1

There is a consideration that the supply network side of an organization should challenge the view of supply boundaries as separate entities. Critically evaluate this point and provide various examples from the academic literature to underpin your arguments.

Question 2

Critically evaluate the aspects that you think are relevant in relation to distribution operations management. Also consider the appropriateness of mechanization and full automation in the distribution centre. You MUST provide various practical examples from the academic literature to underpin your arguments.

Question 3

Use DHL (see assignment brief above) as a case study for a critical review of how information technology in the Supply Network can help the Logistics and Operations Manager achieve their objectives.

Question 4

Where do modern methods of inventory management assist the above Case Organization (DHL) in its distribution networks. Critically evaluate this with more traditional models such as re-order point and EOQ.

A connection to the answers is NOT required.

You can use the Presentation Data identified for Part (1) to support your argument in Part (2)

Verified Expert

This assignment is based on case of DHL or DHL China. All the questions are answered as per the requirement considering logistics business to be the key to supply chain management. answer are provided as per the words qouted. Font used is Times new Roman, 11 pt, Bibliography: APA 6th, citations provided.Total number of words: 3193

Reference no: EM131033749

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