How increase in savings affected overall consumption

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Following the recession, the rate of savings in the united states doubled. why do you think this is? How do you think the increase in savings affected overall consumption? Since, on average, 70% economic activity in the United States is based on consumers purchasing goods and services for consumption, how do you think the increase in savings affected the aggregate expenditure?

Reference no: EM13219774

How will the quantity demanded respond to intervention

What is the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity - find the Total Revenue of the farmers and what is the size of the import quota that would have the same impact on trad

Elasticity of demand for the grapefruit

Rolf's Supermarkets now sell 12,000 lbs. of grapefruit per week at a price of $0.45 per pound. An economist has reported to management that the arc elasticity of demand for

Problems of short term profitability in government

Discuss why the same types of problems may exist in government as well, where elected officials are the agents and voters are the principals.

Why do people hold bonds rather than larger savings account

Why do people hold bonds rather than larger savings account or checking account balances Under what circumstances might they change their portfolios, moving their funds out

Calculate the payback period for an asset

Calculate the payback period for an asset that has a first cost of $40,000, a salvage value of $8000 anytime within ten-years of its purchase, and generates income of $6000 pe

Demand curve of goods and services

Changes in the price of a good or a service causes movement along the demand curve of that good. State four factors that cause shift of the demand curve of goods and service

Monopolistic output choice

Suppose a monopolistic competitor in long-run equilibrium has a constant marginal cost of $6 and faces the demand curve given in the following table:

Compare two market model of perfect competition and monopoly

Write a paper (Two pages), comparing the two market models of perfect competition and monopoly. Compare on the following points: characteristics, output, price, effiency i


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