How important role should ethics play in decision-making

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Organizational behavior and management

Given all the corporate scandals (e.g., Enron, Tyco) that have been in the news, how important a role should ethics play in decision-making? Should leaders and managers—and organizations—be evaluated on the extent to which they make ethical decisions?

Reference no: EM131029988

An appliance manufacturer wants to contract with a repair

An appliance manufacturer wants to contract with a repair shop to handle authorized repairs. The company has an acceptable range of repair time from 50 minutes to 90 minutes.

What is service level agreement

What is Service level agreement? Before committing to a specific level of service within a service level agreement, what other service processes should service level managemen

Prepare a schedule of cash collections from sales

Turkey Treats Company makes a product that is popular at Thanksgiving, so its biggest sales month is November. The company’s projected sales for the fourth quarter of this yea

What is the economic order quantity and closest value

A certain type of computer costs $500 per unit to build and the annual inventory holding cost is 10% of the unit cost. Annual demand is 20,000 units and the setup cost is $100

Research organizational benefits of using databases

Research organizational benefits of using databases and DBMS's. Respond to the following statements. Include your research and personal experiences as part of your answers. Di

Significant challenges for effectively coordinating

What is the process in your community for the activation of local, state, and federal resources? What are the most significant challenges for effectively coordinating these re

Making case for tuition reimbursement

After working a few years, you would like to extend your college education on a part-time basis. You know that your education can benefit your employer, but you can’t really a

Compute the annual inventory turnover rate

Johnson corporation has the following information about a product that it carries in stock: Average demand= 40 units per day Average lead time= 15 days Item unit cost= $55 for


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