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you need to write a reflection piece on what you learned and more importantly what you think it would be like to live in each respective culture.

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Get to Know Another's Culture Assignment Questions

1. What are typical foods served in the culture?

Pizza, pasta, casseroles (especially here in the Midwest), sandwiches, meat and potatoes,

2. Are there any typical styles of dress?

No traditional styles. However, everyone wears jeans, and it is typical for professionals to wear suits.

3. What do people do for recreation?

Crafts, watching/playing sports, watching TV, social drinking

4. Do buildings have identifiable features?

Not especially.

5. How is public space used? For example, do people tend to "hang out" on the street, or are they in public because they are going from one place to the next?

Children hang out in the street, and some people exercise in the street. People occasionally spend time in parks.

6. What is the weather like in your country?

Varied. Here we have all four seasons, sometimes in the extreme, meaning Summer can be very hot, and Winter can be very very cold.

Recognized Behaviors

1. How do people greet one another?

Couples hug and/or kiss.

Friends hug, high five, wave, or nod heads and say "Hey."

Acquaintances like coworkers and classmates say hello or high five or shake hands.

Meeting someone for the first time usually involves a handshake.

2. Describe how a holiday is celebrated.

Religious holidays are often spent with family, and maybe involve going to church/places of worship.

Other holidays often involve drinking alcohol and partying.

3. How would a visitor be welcomed to someone's home?

Very friendly. Often asked if they want something to drink or eat.

4. What are the norms around weddings? Births? Deaths?

Weddings: Friends and family come together to celebrate with the bride and groom. I have only been to Christian weddings, which often start in a church for the ceremony, and end in a hall for the reception/party.

Births: Before the baby is born people often have a Baby Shower, where (usually) women come together to give the future mother gifts and play games. When the baby is coming mom and dad and maybe a few other people go to the hospital, and afterwards, when the mother has rested, other people can come visit.

Explicit Beliefs

1. How important is hierarchy?

Important in families and at work. Everyone must obey the decisions of those higher than them, however many families and leaders have discussions or make decisions together.

2. How are gender roles perceived?

Men are traditionally often viewed as stronger, physically and emotionally.However these views are slowly changing.

3. How do people view obligations toward one another?

It depends on who it is. For a friend or family member people don't usually mind obligations.

4. What personal activities are seen as public? What activities are seen as private?

Public: Dates I guess. Grocery shopping? Private: Bathroom...

5. What are the cultural attitudes toward aging and the elderly?

A lot of people seem to dread getting older. Sometimes older people are thought to be slower, less strong, less beautiful. But these things are changing too!

Deeply Embedded Beliefs

1. How important is the individual in the culture? How important is the group?

A lot of workplaces put emphasis on the group. However, most people have mainly individual goals.

2. How is space used (e.g., how close should two people who are social acquaintances stand next to one another when they are having a conversation?)

People stand probably at least a foot apart. Acquaintances (less than friends) usually don't touch very much. Friends and family can be much closer. Women typically touch/get closer than men.

3. How is time understood and measured? (e.g., how late can you be to a business appointment before you are considered rude?)
Maybe 5 minutes is the most you can be late. Maybe up to 15 for friends. Always call if you are going to be late. Most jobs have strict hours.

4. Is change considered positive or negative?

It depends on what it is. A new job or house is positive. A friend moving away can feel negative.

5. What are the criteria for individual success?

Doing well in work or school. Getting a degree or reaching a milestone at work. Being in a relationship.

6. What is the relationship between humans and nature? (e.g., do humans dominate nature? does nature dominate humans? do the two live in harmony?)
Humans pretty much dominate nature.

7. How is divine power viewed in relation to human effort?
That depends on people's religion.

8. Is the culture a high-context or low-context one?

9. What is humorous?
This can be different for everyone.

10. How do individuals "know" things? (e.g., are people encouraged to question things? are they encouraged to master accepted wisdom?)
Both I think...

11. Are people encouraged to be more action-oriented or to be more contemplative?
This depends on the situation and the people around them. In their careers probably more action-oriented because "time is money!"

12. What is the role of luck in people's lives?
People have different ideas about luck. Some think its real, some think it is just something we say.

Reference no: EM131256301

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