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Seeking to stretch their budgets in a tough economic environment, IT managers are subjecting every technology purchase to rigorous scrutiny and looking for every opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Given this mandate, how important is it for an enterprise to keep up with version changes in desktop operating systems?

If most employees of a large company are using Windows 2000 or Windows 7, for example, would you recommend upgrading everyone to Window 8.1? Why?

Why not? Would you answer differently for a small business as opposed to a large one?

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at least 2 references cited please


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The said paper consist of importance of IT system. Here the importance of OS is discussed. Moreover the cost factor is also take into consideration. Upgraded version from Windows 2000 and 2007 to 8.1 is discussed.

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In era of technology driven business environment it is become compulsory for every organization to use latest technology for the operation of the activities of the business.

The scope of IT has grown much and has covered almost the whole organization which means that now the entire activities of the organization can be conducted through IT.

Operation, finance, HR, logistic, communication and all the other activity now involves IT application for effective management of the business. In fact, the use of It application has increased so much that without the use of which it has become impossible to survive without the use of the same.

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