How human piety and sanctity are conceived and recognized

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This is a research paper. You should cite at least three non-internet sources (books, academic journals, encyclopedias). Citing internet sources is allowed, but don't confine yourself to these. Try to find sources that have been prepared for publication in a peer reviewed setting. Be sure to include a bibliography or works cited page. If you write a biographical paper, be sure to do more than just tell the story of the life of your subject; place their life in the context of the religious tradition with which they are associated, indicating how their life exemplifies that tradition.


Monasticism: its nature and its place as a path to sanctity in Christianity.

Prayer: its purpose, the ways it is practiced, and its role in everyday life.

The Sacred: how it is conceived and experienced in different religious traditions

Mysticism: its nature and the different forms it takes.

Art: the role it plays in developing religious feeling and tradition. (e.g.: Eastern Orthodox icons)

Symbols: their origin and meaning in different religious traditions.

Authority over tradition: how it is established, and the role it plays in different religious traditions.

Saintliness: how human piety and sanctity are conceived and recognized.

Salvation: how it is conceived and how an individual achieves it.

Sacred Law: how it is established and the role in plays in religious life.

Prophecy and Revelation: their nature and the role they play in religious traditions.

These figures might make interesting subjects for biographical papers:

Abraham                Mohammad                Martin Luther King              St. Paul          

King David              Mother Theresa         Imam Ali                             Elie Wiesel     

Martin Luther         Saladin                       The Baal Shem Tov             Fatima

Reference no: EM131001978

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