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Imagine you were just hired as the new HR director. In the past, HR has not had significant input in the organization's strategic planning. In one of your first meetings with the CEO, you suggest that the HR function should be more strategic. The CEO is unsure if this is necessary and responds, "I will invite you to the next meeting with all the directors. You can make a presentation to convince us why and then we can discuss this more."

Choose an organization with which you are familiar or to which you have access to public information (e.g., BP, McDonalds, Starbucks). You will be using this organization throughout the course in various assignments.

For this Application, create a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that you would present to a group of directors on why the HR function should be more strategic. Include the following:

• How the organization's strategic planning might benefit from using a systems-thinking approach, which would include HR.

• The benefits and contributions HR might bring as a strategic partner.

• The role HR metrics can have in the organization's strategic planning and implementation of strategies.

• How HR metrics might be the driver of organizational change.

• How HR metrics contribute to the organization's future success.

Reference no: EM13993510

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