How hearing aids work to correct hearing deficiencies

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Question: 1. Discuss how an uncontrolled diabetes mellitus can affect vision and lead to blindness

2. Discuss how hearing aids work to correct hearing deficiencies.

3. Discuss the auditory (eustachian) tube and its normal role in pressure equalization.

4. Discuss some of the more common conditions leading to vertigo (dizziness), such as Ménière's syndrome, otitis media, motion sickness, and diplopia.

5. Clearly differentiate between static equilibrium and dynamic equilibrium.

6. Discuss how the Rinne test and Weber's test using tuning forks can be used to determine localization of hearing loss.

7. Describe a scent that triggers a specific memory, such as the smell of newly baked bread or a certain perfume. Note the connection between the olfactory senses and long-term memory.

8. Discuss where the taste buds are located on the tongue.

9. Correlate taste sensations with their chemical counterparts , i.e. sweet is, of course, sugar detection.

Reference no: EM132183732

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