How have the frequent shifts from civilian to military rule

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In this module, you submit your thesis statement and outline. Make sure that you select one of the questions listed below and begin your research.

Chose only one of the questions below to discuss as the topic of your research paper:

USA. "Describe what you feel will be one or two key economic and social issues to be debated at the 2016 Presidential elections in the United States - based on your work in this class. What direction do you feel should be taken in the country in order to solve the specific problems mentioned?"

Nigeria. Read your textbook's chapter on Nigeria in West Africa. Answer the question: "How have the frequent shifts from civilian to military rule and back again exacerbated Nigeria's social and economic problems? What direction do you feel Nigeria should take in the future? Explain."

Mexico. Read your textbook's chapter on Mexico in Central America. Answer the question: "How and why did forces undermining the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) emerge, culminating in the victory of Vicente Fox of PAN (the National Action Party). In political terms, where do you feel Mexico should go in the future?"

Develop a Thesis

Write a tentative thesis based on your chosen question above. Your thesis lets the reader know what political issue you will tackle in the United States, Nigeria, or Mexico. The last part of your thesis should include a "seed" of thought to indicate where you stand on the question.

For an example of a thesis, please see Guidelines for Writing Research Papers located in the Course Materials folder.

Conduct Research

Research your textbook plus at least two other sources from your college's online library or your local community library. Gather 4-6 or more quotations or citations, using APA style. After you gather your research documentation, revise your thesis as needed to fit the facts.

Using the research you began gathering in the last module, submit a final thesis statement and outline for your Comparative Politics Project.

In the outline show where you will insert your research quotations and citations.

Reference no: EM132183768

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