How has your attitude changed since you were in high school

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The attitudes you espouse may change in a few years due to the influence of peers, education, the passage of time, insight, and other factors. Choose a topic on which you are most likely to have a viewpoint, such as nuclear war, political conservatism, dating, abortion, terrorism, and smoking.


• How has your attitude changed since you were in high school through your college and career?

• How did you acquire your attitude?

• What role did learning-from parents, spouse, and peers-have in shaping or changing that attitude?

Additional Information-

The question is from Sociology and the question is explains about a person's attitude and viewpoint about issues such as dating, abortion, nuclear war, smoking, terrorism and political conservatism. Here the topic of abortion has been chosen. Abortion has come a long way from being a personal issue to a social issue.

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Reference no: EM13829677

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