How has the personality test and entrepreneurship test made

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This assessment is designed to allow students to critically evaluate a small business plan, and make supported recommendations to improve the plan to ensure achievement of the plan's objectives for various stakeholders.

This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b and c.

Task Details: Students are to review a business plan found on the NET or in an academic or Business site.The review should reflect the current external environmental factors that might affect the business plan's successful achievement of objectives, given current situational factors in company's current market.

Research chosen need to be recent (written since at least 2008 for theory, and 2012 - 2014 for market or industry related information) and relevant to both the topic and context of the assessment task. Additional non-academic sources may also be used, however students need to show an understanding of their validity.

1. How has the personality test and Entrepreneurship test made you think about opening a Business?

2. Please look at the link above to Landline from the ABC and type a search for Entrepreneur.

There are many stories that appear about businesses that start from good new ideas or from tried and tested old ideas meeting a new need. Describe what your story was about and from what you have studied so far analyse the idea contained in the program

3. Has this an influence on your business plan analysis? Yes NO

4. Is this a business strategy or industry you would like to be involved in?

5. Describe whether these businesses were a first mover and describe how the business could keep innovating

6. Creativity and innovation are said to go hand in hand. Do you think your studies have suppressed your creativity or do you think they have enhanced it

7. Do you prefer case studies from programs such as Landline helpful?YES NO

8. Lastly does the task where you join the 9 dots together with 4 straight lines without taking your pen off the page.

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Reference no: EM13708287

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