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Students learn about organizational theory and the relationship to the role of 21st century manager. A manager is a person whose job it is to direct the implementation and achievement of a subset of organizational goals. Organizational theory is a field of study that has evolved in the last one hundred years to offer assistance to managers in the way they approach their job in an effort to accomplish the organization's vision and mission. The 21st century manager is a person who organizes, executes, and plans the process and production of an organization. Traditionally, the role of the manager, as defined by organizational theory, has been the person who sets short term goals for the organization to execute and performs tasks that include the process, procedure, and production of the organization's purpose or vision. The modern role of the manager still includes these tasks but has developed to include the role of facilitator in the way the manager accomplishes the organizational goals assigned to his or her control.

• With these ideas in mind, compare and contrast the role of management, as reflected by management theory, in the 20th century organization with the role of management in the 21st Include in your discussion the theoretical schools of thought(s) that speak to the manager's role in the business environment as well as definition of the environment itself.

• How has the change in business purpose (i.e. manufacturing vs. service) and the business environment, worker attitudes, and behaviors affected the role of the manager in an organization and how has the theory evolved to cope? Discuss in detail. Be sure to use information from the organizational theory timeline in your answer.

Reference no: EM131180137

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