How gross domestic product affected recession

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Briefly Explain how the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) affected the recession in the United States throughout the late President Bush and early President Obama years.

Reference no: EM1371387

Economies and diseconomies of scale

Describe the factors that may cause economies and diseconomies of scale. Give an example of each. Describe the economic concept of the law of diminishing marginal returns. Ple

Market for gasoline

As a result of increased tensions in the Middle East, oil production is down by 1.2 million barrels per day-a 5 percent reduction in the world's supply of crude oil.

Long-run business decisions

You're an entrepreneur and you've opened a restaurant in a nice area of town. Describe at least two long run decisions which you require to make about the business.

Short run and long run decisions

Assume that you became president of small theater company. Your playhouse has the 120 seats and small stage. The actors have national reputations, and demand for tickets is

Opec conflicting motives

Why were the members of OPEC trying to agree to cut production? Why do you suppose OPEC was unable to agree on cutting production? Why did the oil market go into 'turmoil' as

Role of government with respect to externalities

Describe benefit and cost externalities. List the reasons for lack of optimal allocation of resources in each case. Explain the need for government intervention in case of mar

Pricing factors of production-economic rent

Three machines are employed in isolated area. They each produce 2,000 units of output per month, the first requiring $20,000 in raw materials, the second $25,000, and third

Factors in michael porter five forces model

What are the major reasons a multinational corporation would engage in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? Explain the factors in Michael Porter's "Five Forces Model" which affe


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