How gas is projected from aerosol cans

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I need 1 page about How gas is pressurized and how gas is projected from aerosol cans. I need just a page from scholarly sources only. You said in chat you can do it in 2 hours. If you can have it better but 3-4 hours that is fine but need it fast.

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Reference no: EM131028793

Explain what are the equillibrum pressure of pco

The value of Kc for this reaction is 5.0 at 600 K. What are the equillibrum partial pressures of the three gases if a reaction vassel initially contains a mixture of the rea

State burns in bomb calorimeter in excess oxygen

In another experiment it was determined that for each mole of hydrocarbon, 7 moles of oxygen gas are consumed and 5 moles of CO2 gas and 3 moles of H2O liquid are produced.

Define the total molarity of acid and conjugate base

A beaker with 1.50×102mL of an acetic acid buffer with a pH of 5.000 is sitting on a benchtop. The total molarity of acid and conjugate base in this buffer is 0.100 M. A stu

Define an unknown metal hypochlorite salt

An unknown metal hypochlorite salt, M(ClO)2, is subjected to analysis by iodometric titration: the salt is dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid, treated with excess aqueous KI,

Explain what is the pressure of this gas mixture

Full combustion of a 1.05 gram sample of the compound with the stoichiometric amount of oxygen gas produces a mixture H20 (g) and CO2(g). Explain what is the pressure of thi

What is the edge length of the unit cell

Aluminum has a face-centered cubic unit cell. If the atomic radius of aluminum is 125 pm, what is the edge length of the unit cell? A) 177 pm B) 354 pm C) 217 pm D) 500 pm E

State wedge-and-dash bonds for the substituent groups

Draw every stereoisomer for 1,2-difluoro-1,2-dimethylcyclopentane. Use wedge-and-dash bonds for the substituent groups, and be sure that they are drawn on the outside of the

Explain analytical molar concentrations of ha species

In an aqueous solution that contains 285 mg of trichloroacetic acid (HA), Cl3CCOOH (163.4 g/mol) in 10.0 ml. Calculate: 1) Analytical molar concentrations of HA species


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