How far can nature of military strategy said to be timeless

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Assess the value of classic works of strategy, from Sun Tsu to Jomini, in today's world. Has modern technology, for example, made them largely obsolete? How far can the nature of military strategy be said to be 'timeless'?

Required word length of 1,200 - 1,500 words (exclusive of footnotes and bibliographies)

Essay is to be completed in Microsoft Word, Times New-Roman font (lettering style), 12-point (letter size), and double-spaced, with about 1-inch margins around.

Footnotes are mandatory in as much as your Research-Essays are meant to be critical essays--not simply 'reports' repeating the same old story, etc--whose main argument(s) are clearly and directly supported by the evidence which you've consulted. In other words, you must indicate with a footnote where your evidence for each particular point of your thesis-argument comes from.

Reference no: EM131200898

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