How far away was the highway petrol car

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Q. Presume you are driving on the interstate at 85 mph when you see a highway patrol car parked up ahead. You apply your brakes, decelerating at a constant rate of 4 mph/sec until you're reduced your speed to 65mph. You next maintain a constant speed of 65 mph. You pass the petrol car 15 seconds after you initially applied the brakes and are relieved that he doesn't pull out after you. How far away was the highway petrol car while you first saw it?

Q. Calculate the horizontal force that must be applied to a 1.00 kg puck to make it accelerate on a horizontal friction-free air table with same acceleration it would have if it were dropped and fell freely.

Reference no: EM1371301

With what speed does the stone leave the slingshot

A slingshot consists of a light leather cup containing a stone. The cup is pulled back against two parallel rubber bands. With what speed does the stone leave the slingshot

What is the phase difference between them

Two sinusoidal waves, identical except for phase, travel in the same direction along a string producing a net wave y'(x, t) = (2.5 mm) sin(17x - 4.0t + 0.840 rad), with x in

Stars spend-sequence converting hydrogen into helium

Stars spend their time on the main sequence converting hydrogen into helium. There are two sets of reactions that can take place within a star, supporting the fusion process.

Find the angular velocity after the dart strikes

A bicycle wheel of mass M (assumed to be concentrated at its rim) and radius R is mounted horizontally so it may turn without friction on a vertical axle. A dart of mass mo

Ball is tossed from an upper-story window of a building

A ball is tossed from an upper-story window of a building. Theball is given an initial velocity of 8 m/2 at an angle of 20degreesbelow the horzontal. It strikes the ground 3

Compute the coefficient of volume expansion of the glass

A glass flask whose volume is 1000cm3 at a temperature of 0.500?C is completely filled with mercury at the same temperature. compute the coefficient of volume expansion of the

Index of refraction of the soap

Calculate the minimum thickness of a soap bubble film that results in constructive interference in the time reflected light if the film is illuminated with light whose wavel

Estimate what is the work done by the applied force

A body weighing 157 Newton is pulled over a horizontal surface with constant velocity by a constant force of magnitude 55 Newton directed 15 degree above the horizontal. Fin


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