How family and culture affects a person success in life

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How family and culture affects a person's success in life?

Culture and success ultimately plays a huge role in the future success of a person. In cultures where success is placed in a position of importance, it creates a sort of expectation upon a child while growing up that they will and need to be successful in order to be viewed positively within their society and culture. A culture which provides the way of life of people and family which is the association of related people has a significant impact on the success life of an individual (Masten & Monn, 2015). From culture, which is the way of life, a person conforms to the ways of life of his/her particular culture which become part of his/her behavior and are exhibited on all his/her operations.  A person who grows up in a culture that advocates for hard work and appreciates sacrifices will enable people to grow up being hard working.

On the other hand, a family where an individual grows up with, molds a person based on the characters and the behaviors that he/she is permitted to exhibit. An individual who has been shown that nothing comes freely, or hard work, effort, and good morals are required to be able to obtain one's desires, will have the determination to work hard so as to meet his heart dreams. As a result, the personal will be successful. Therefore, both family and culture, provides individuals with ethics and the virtues such as tolerance, hard work and determination that are all essential in attaining a successful life. Family is also significant for the same reasons. A positive, uplifting and supportive family environment is far more conducive to breeding future success than a family environment where the child is raised where there is not only no model of success nor the expectation that the child will have future success is.

Someone from a poor family may desire to work hard in life to ensure they get whatever they lack by then, to improve their standards as other children and make it to their dreams.

However, this does not mean those from rich families do not work hard, they can or not depending on how this child has been trained by the parents or nearest kins.

For example, a child that grows up in the inner city, surrounded by crime with parents that are absent or hardly supportive. They tend to mimic the life of their parents because that was the model they had. There is no expectation.

Reference no: EM131444926

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