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1. Customers with high expectations make a business better. The secret is to use a customer's high expectations as an opportunity to maximize customer retention and improve service. In this assignment, consider how companies turn high expectations into exceptional customer service. Refer to Chapter 3 as you complete this part of assignment.

Review the What Do You Think Now? Write a minimum of one paragraph for each topic.

What are sure-fire techniques for providing superior customer service?

What situations and practices might provide easy traps for inferior customer service?

How can you maximize a customer's expectations and perceptions about the customer service your company provides?

How does exceptional customer service generate customer loyalty?

2. Next, successful companies don't use technology to replace human relationships, but to enhance them. Companies can sometimes go too far in collecting personal and financial data about their customers. In this assignment, you will consider this issue. Refer to Chapter 4 for this part. Write a minimum of one paragraph for each topic.

Defend an organization's right to collect customer data. Should the company limit the use of this information?

How does collecting this information contribute to the service culture?

Forecast what you think the customer service infrastructure will look like in five years.

Your final submission should be 1-2 pages.

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the Tools & Resources page.

Reference no: EM131257162

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