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This first analysis will begin critical thinking about the concept of argument in general and about one argument specifically. In preparation for this assignment, you should have read Chapter 1 of the text and have a good sense of understanding about the central terms of Aristotelian Rhetoric; logos, pathos, ethos, thesis (claim), and credibility. The argument we will analyze, "Women are Vindictive and They Love It," was written by a freshman student as an in-class rough draft. Read the argument below for the purpose of analysis and answer the questions following it. You should use the terms of Aristotelian Rhetoric as they were discussed in Chapter 1 of the text. Keep your analysis at about five hundred (500) words. You may write it as an essay or answer the individual questions. Your overall claim will be whether the argument is excellent, poor, or somewhere between the two. In today's times, more and more women are becoming vindictive and wanting more from their men than they are willing to give in return. Although there are many happy relationships around, most women want certain material things like money (expensive items), looks, commitment, and at the same time freedom. If you look at this step by step it is very easy to understand and believe. Women want a man who is good looking and who has a lot of money. I have talked to many older women, well at least older than me, and I have gotten the same response many a time from these ladies. "If I've just met a guy and he is kind of cute, I'll talk to him and find out where he is going in life and what kind of job he has and what kind of car he has. If his job is not all that high-paying, then my interest sort of drops." Now that's a scary thought. Money plays a big issue because women want to be taken out to expensive dance places and out to fancy dinners. They want to be pampered and taken care of financially and more times than not, they won't settle for less. The looks are important because a guy who is ugly, but could have a great personality, will never even get looked at by even a half way decent looking girl. They wouldn't give him the time of day and everybody knows it. Looks and personal hygiene (fitness and a healthy body) play a major role because a good looking woman always wants to be seen with a great looking guy. Commitment and freedom are a contradiction that go hand in hand. Women want commitment from their men, but at the same time want to have a sense of freedom to do what they want, when they want. They need that sense of security knowing a guy is there for them, but because they are so manipulative and vindictive, they can't give the same security back to the very guy who cherishes them. When I say that they are vindictive, I mean that if you do one thing wrong, you are destined to relive that past forever, but if they do something wrong, they want you to forgive them and pretend as if nothing's ever happened. If you ever have a fight with your girlfriend and you bring up the past to her, she'll say "Why can't you just forgive and forget?" At the same time, she will use it to haunt you forever and you will always be reminded of that one little mess up. It seems to be a consensus of all my friends, that all women want is a guy that will be there for them, but at the same time want the guy to feel uneasy on how she really feels about them. Women seem to enjoy seeing their men on edge and always guessing and worrying about what they're up to. I'll bet that all girlfriends sit around and think up new ways to drive men crazy. This is a scary thought, but sad to say, very, very, true. I've learned this from personal experience and from friends who have gone through the same living hell. I think it's something that they enjoy, kind of sick if you really think about it.

Questions for Analysis

1. How effective is the overall argument? (The claim for your essay. Use the rest of the answers to explain why.)

2. What is the Dunner’s claim? Is it stated in the essay? Where?

3. What logos does the writer use to support his claim? Is it effective and sufficient support?

4. Where does the writer use pathos? Is it effective?

5. Does the writer develop an effective ethos? Is he a credible arguer?

Reference no: EM13521063

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