How effective has the model been regarding chronic disease

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Effectiveness of the Integrated Model of Care

There is ample health information available from various mediums. Consumers can hear news on the radio or television, by word of mouth, as well as search the web for the latest cure for a disease. While these cures are not always effective alone, they may have health benefits in combination with other interventions. An integrated approach to medical care is one of the treatments for chronic disease available to today's consumer. Just how effective has the model been regarding chronic disease? Select a chronic disease from the list below:



Provide evidence that supports or opposes efficacy of integrated medical care in the treatment of the disease you have chosen. Your evidence should include treatment outcomes, morbidity and mortality data and other pertinent statistical data (evidence-based medicine). Your discussion must be supported by two scholarly sources that are cited with APA style as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center.

Reference no: EM131246779

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