How earths climate has changed over the last 2 million year

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1- Geologists have a relatively complete record to study how Earth's climate has changed over the last 2 million years by __________.

a. analyzing grain size of glacial till deposits on continents

b. analyzing silica content in sedimentary rock cores from Greenland

c. analyzing oxygen isotopes in fossils from marine sediments

d. analyzing fossil insects in sedimentary rocks from Greenland

e. None of the above

2- During the last glacial maximum, 20,000 years ago, the amount of ice is estimated to have been 52,000,000 km3 more than it is today. When water freezes, the ice produced is about 110% of the water volume. Calculate the volume of water that would be tied up if glaciers returned to the same volume as 20,000 years ago. Would sea level rise or fall?

a. 52,000,000 km3 of water, sea level would fall

b. 57,200,000 km3 of water, sea level would rise

c. 57,200,000 km3 of water, sea level would fall

d. 46,800,000 km3 of water, sea level would fall

e. none of the above.

Reference no: EM13322090

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